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DevRel @ Databricks: Year 1

I joined Databricks in October 2019. My first day was also the first day of the Spark + AI Summit in Amsterdam – a heck of an exciting introduction to a new team, new company and new community.

Why Databricks? I was very happy at Neo4j and certainly loved working with the Neo4j community. Databricks brought with it an exciting opportunity though – build a talented team at one of the fastest growing cloud data startups in history. I also have the opportunity to work directly with the founders and senior leadership at the company who understand the value of developer relations and the importance of building a great community of data scientists, data engineers and data analysts.

Our Team

Databricks DevRel Team

The team is now 6 located in San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Boulder CO, Sante Fe NM, and Blacksburg VA. We have Developer Advocates and Program Managers all working together to grow awareness and adoption of Databricks and the open source projects which we support.

First-Year Team Accomplishments

Here’s some of our accomplishments from the first-year, working along with amazing collaborators across the company and community.

Keep in mind: a lot of work our team has done in 2020 hasn’t yet been released – stay tuned! And, of course, this is all within the context of the broader accomplishments of the company and community in 2020.

Looking Forward

We have a really excited 2021 planned as the team continues many of the initiatives above and takes on new challenges. We’ll be focused on making it easier to learn data science, data engineering and data analytics, as well as making it simple to apply these learnings using Databricks. An important part of this mission will be growing and strengthening the community so we can all learn from each other.

Are you a data geek and want to join the adventure? We have data engineering/analytics advocate roles and developer (online) experience advocate roles open in the US as well as a regional advocate role in Europe. Reach out to me at (firstname).(lastname) if you want to learn more!

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