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About Ryan Boyd

Ryan Boyd, Developer Advocate

Ryan is a Data, AuthNZ and Growth geek with a career as a Developer Experience and Marketing executive.  He’s a co-founder at MotherDuck, where he serve as VP of Developer Relations and Marketing.

Prior to MotherDuck, he took an awesome break  after two years building and leading a team of developer experience engineers, developer advocates and program managers at Databricks.

Prior to Databricks, Ryan led the Developer Relations team at Neo4j, with Developer Advocates, Developer Relations Engineers, a Curriculum Developer and a Community Programs Manager working together to grow awareness and adoption of graph databases, the Cypher query language, graph algorithms and more.  Notably, he advocated for a better getting-started experience and built the Neo4j Sandbox as well as supporting his team building a better self-serve experience, free online training and certification.  On the marketing side, he created new educational nurture and drip campaigns for the developer audience, resulting in better community engagement,  higher click-throughs and lower unsubscribes. His team also built a new online community, first in Slack and later as custom forum.

Ryan joined Google in 2006 as one of the first members of their Developer Relations organization. During his almost 8 years at Google, Ryan helped thousands of developers be successful with over 20 different APIs and developer products.  He worked with marquis developers 1:1 as a Developer Advocate and also led highly-scalable activities such as documentation information architecture + writing, sample application development, library development, video production, and roadshows. He culminated his career at Google by leading and managing a team of Developer Advocates, Developer Program Managers, Tech Writers, a Program Manager and a Community Manager working on the Google Cloud Platform.

Prior to Google, Ryan had a background in enterprise web application development and UNIX/Linux systems architecture+administration, focused on higher education.

He is the author of Getting Started with OAuth 2.0, published by O’Reilly.