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Blogging: not my first rodeo

My first “blog” was created on March 28th, 2001. It was a private and incredibly emo Livejournal blog. My last post there was in 2006. In 2007, I joined twitter and stuck to short-form content until Google+ launched in 2011.

Most of the long-form content I’ve written for the web was for company-owned blogs when I was in Developer Relations at Google. There was the Google Data APIs Blog, the Google Apps Developers Blog, the Google Code Blog, the Google Developers Blog, and the YouTube API Blog. I even had my byline on one post for the Official Google Blog.

And then, given my career in Developer Relations, there were countless posts I drafted or edited which had the names of others in the byline.

Now is time to write for myself.  In a way, this really does make this blog my first rodeo, but I trust it’ll be a pleasant one.

I will write my thoughts on Developer Relations, technology+engineering, marketing, management and general business.  As always, I encourage your thoughts and conversation.

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